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A sad message from the club President

Vale Graeme Webb

Hello members and friends,
Yesterday we lost a great member, Graeme Webb passed. I am saddened by Graeme’s passing. Graeme was a great club member, always present, always engaged, always interested in learning more.
A few more Graeme’s in every part of our lives would be a great thing to have.
To Valda I offer our sincere condolences for what always seemed like to me at least, a great union of minds, of spirit and of character.
Graeme didn’t suffer a long and painful passing, for him it was fortuitously swift, for us we will miss his quips, comments and questions, it was too quick.
Valda, you have our love and our sympathy for your loss and an unconditional offer to be there to support you; just ask.
Best wishes,
Stephen Whitworth
Morris Car Club of Victorian Inc.