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If you would like to order any of the 30th Anniversary Morris Car Club (Victoria) Inc Merchandise please contact the merchandise officer.
Visit the Contact Us page to send them a message.


If you would like to order any of the 30th Anniversary Morris Car Club (Victoria) Inc Merchandise please contact the merchandise officer.
Visit the Contact Us page to send them a message.

Cars for Sale



Roger Stuart-Andrews of Red Hill in Victoria has a nice Morris Commercial for sale:

5989 2011
0413 020 467

Morris Commercial 1 ton truck (details below photos)


Manufactured late 1929.

Model R


Engine # 19382R

Year of Manufacture is 1929 although the engine is stamped 1926; they had an over-supply of engines and continued to use them into 1929 using Chassis numbers 899 to 4820 during this year. You will note many references to 1926 in the paperwork but the chassis number gives the lie to that.

Chassis # 3362

Previous Rego: Queensland Historic 4938; Current plates “Dunns 1” but Victorian plates also available: TNH 687.

Seats 3

3 speed box

25 HP

Tare 1000

GVM 1500

12v system

Halogen headlights

Authentic gauges but no mileage indicator, last mileage recorded was in ??? at 248,??? miles

Side valve engine

10 quart sump

11 litre radiator

Runs on unleaded petrol with valve saver; tank holds 50 litres.

Missing rear main seal so some leak here

Laminated windscreen

Manual windscreen wiper

Radiator core is not original. In 2004 a Commodore (NPN 2500 7D4) was fitted on end so not honeycombed.

From mid-NSW, half restored with ply, sold to Townsville 20 years ago and sat in shed and rotted so stripped and rebuilt with timber

Speed about 30 mph = 50-60 kph, actually around 43 kph measured with a GPS

Tyres at 45 psi but currently at 30 – ? compromise at 40.

Worked in New South Wales and then was sent to Townsville and sat in a shed until being rebuilt for use in an SBS documentary on a century of a local family who had a vineyard – hence the barrel on the tray.

The truck was rebuilt using Australian timbers as follows:

Frame                                                  Rosewood

Panels                                                  Spotted Gum

Running Boards                                  Silky Oak

Rear mud-guards                                Silky Oak

Drop Sides and Tailgate to Tray         Meranti

Tray deck                                            Tasmanian Oak


Owned by me since 2005 and used to advertise our winery – hence the names painted on the wood-work and barrel.


Tom Hopwood is looking to potentially sell his 1957 A55 (Mk1) Austin Cambridge. She’s mechanically sound, with the engine turning over fine and a recently refreshed starter motor installed. She comes with a later (1600cc) A Series engine from at Wolseley fitted. She’s a four-speed manual and the gearbox is solid.
The interior is in reasonable shape, some tears and fading on the seats and the rear of the headliner sagging, she doesn’t have a fan or radio fitted.
Body-wise she’s perfect, the only thing close to body rust is some surface stuff around one of the boot hinges, underneath is solid as a rock. She’s currently all one colour in a non-factory (but very close to imitation) cream, with dark crimson wheels, fresh tires and hubs.
Her current major issue is electrical, she is in need of a new wiring harness due to neglect and some unusual splicing to fit in an electrical fuel pump. The electric pump itself is a-okay. I’ve been quoted around 700-800 for a new harness without installation.
He can be contacted by email at and can arrange phone contact after an initial email. The car is available for inspection in South Morang by arrangement.
She will come with a spare carburettor and dashpod.
Asking price is 5’500.
He is also open to a trade as well, it’s purely that he’s not outfitted in space or gear to do the electrical work she needs, and she’s too good not to see her back on the road asap.


Tony Walters, son of the late Dr Barrymore Walters who was a member of the club up until his passing in October, 2016 has
some old Morris PARTS including a bull nose radiator (condition unknown) a stainless steel??? radiator cover
( in reasonable to good condition) 2 gold coloured driving lights in excellent condition and some hubs????
and some old rims and tyres (Not known if they’re off a Morris) that he’s wanting to sell as they’re clearing out the
deceased estate. The parts are situated in Yarra Glen. I will attach photos. Just hoping you could check them out
to see if they can be used by any body in the clubs.

If you are interested, contact me on and I’ll pass on the contact information to you.

See photographs below:


53 morris minor split screen
reco 998 engine,approx 600ks
4 speed reco gear box
1 1/2″ su carb
alternator,electronic dist and fuel pump
lots of new updated parts
body good, good interior, new tyres
A photo will be supplied soon if needed…or contact Ron for further details.
I bought the car about 5-6 years ago of Gary & Sue, the former club president. Meanwhile the engine has been reconditioned, the car has got lot’s of new parts and it has been well looked after (and much love may I add). The current engine has a low mileage. The car also has got a new exhaust, a new starter motor and a new larger fuel tank. All reconditioned by professionals. The interior looks original from what I can tell. The glove box needs repairing and windscreen rubber  needs replacing (I have the item but have not got around to it). Some people may think the car needs a paint job – we like how it looks.
To contact, email:
Ron (
Or phone:  0468409264

Marcus Fakhry     0403 058 636

Is looking for a couple of tyres for his Morris Commercial. See below:

As discussed I am after a couple of 5.50 X 18 tyres , any condition, just so I can move it around the shed for the time being. While I start restoring it.

The wheels are 18inch diameter and the rims are 3 and ¼ inch wide.

Bit of history for you, the truck belonged to our next door neighbours farm  up at Harkaway. They had a pig stud and used to take their pigs down to the Dandenong market in the truck, very slowly I remember. It was last registered in 1967,(rego sticker still on it). When they decided to sell the farm they gave me the truck which was in about 1970. We used it around our farm for many years and then it went into the shed and sat there for many years till we sold our property.

I now have the truck up at my wife’s Uncles place and starting the slow restoration process.