Run Report Geelong Museum of Motoring History 25 August 2019

What a great day, good friends, good weather, and lots of classic and very rare cars! Heaven… well for me at least! 


Elaine had Bob out (her now trusty Morris Minor), and no temper tantrums from Bob this trip. He ran very well. We travelled in convoy and we didn’t lose anyone or have any break-downs.


The Museum of Motoring History was fantastic, with Ford cars dating from a 1912 model T to the last Ford built. Plus, all the history and development information as well, and a one-off cycle car (a copy of Henry Ford’s first car that he built before he started the Ford Motor Company). This vehicle was built by apprentices at the Geelong Ford Factory, identical in every way to the original.


We found 2 cars there that I did not expect to find in a Ford museum… Morris Minors sneak in every place! They had a very nice Morris Minor Traveller and a low light sedan tucked in with the English Ford Prefects. After the museum we moved on to lunch at the Telegraph Hotel, nice food at reasonable prices. We chatted, drank, and enjoyed good food there for a couple of hours.


I only have one request, next time I need to book a table at a pub or other venue, please let me know you are coming so I can book enough seats. I booked for ten and 16 came on the run, and that’s even after taking some apologies into account. Thank you to everyone who came on the run and making the day so enjoyable. It was a truly great turn out, but this is what car clubs are about, getting out in the cars and enjoying them together! After all, old cars, like older people, need to keep moving or they break down and refuse to start! So let’s see if we can get 20 people attending. That’s still not half the club membership, so should it be possible to achieve. 


Our next outing is the club Show and Shine. We need all your classic cars there, even the ones we only see every blue moon! Join in and have some fun, and perhaps take home a trophy! See you all at Little River Mechanics Institute on September 8  2019.


In Attendance were: Shane Martin with Kathleen and Oliver (modern); Rob and Anne Quinn (Morris minor ute); Elaine Booker (Morris Minor sedan); Joyce and Joe Farsaci (Morris Minor sedan); Tim Christie and partner (modern); Rod Bowers and grandson (MG Midget); Velma and Graeme Webb (modern); Tony Bullen (Morris Oxford); and Stephen Whitworth (modern).

Tony Bullen 

Club Captain