The club had aonther great day out for new and old members!

We had three new members join us on this run:
Chris Jameson and Jan drove from Castlemaine in their very nice Morris 8 Tourer and Glen Whitbourne drove over from Ballarat in his Morris Minor Ute. Graeme Williamson travelled from Lang Lang in his trusty Morris Major. 


The weather was as forecast and we travelled in convoy so nobody was left behind, which was very fortunate on this run.  Elaine had more than a few problems with Bob, her usually very reliable Morris Minor. We suspect Bob had ignition problems that were not fixable on the road, so Bob and Elaine stopped in Woodend, having more than one coffee I suspect, waiting for the RACV to take Bob home. Many thanks to Stephen Whitworth for being a great ‘tail end Charlie’.

After an extremely slow trip to Woodend we decided we would do the Winery part of the run at another time and headed straight to Keyneton for lunch at the Shamrock Hotel. The food was good so we will probably go back there for future club runs. 


I have a few ideas for a Macedon Rangers Winery tour for next year’s calendar, and talking to Glen Whitborne to  hopefully arrange a joint run with the Ballarat Morris Minor Club. It is very heartening to see more members coming on the runs, increasing slowly but surely. Some members are driving 1 to 2 hours to join the outing.

In Attendance: Geoff Meehan (Morris Mini); Bill Flaherty (Morris Minor); Chris Jameson and Jan (Morris 8); Rob and Anne Quinn (Morris Minor Ute); Graeme Williamson (Morris Major); Glen Whitbourne and Mark Whiddon (Morris Minor Ute); Tony and Marilyn Bullen (Morris Oxford); Elaine Booker (Morris Minor); and Stephen Whitworth (modern).         

  Club Captain

Tony Bullen