What a fantastic day, great food, cool drinks, and happy people; a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas with club members. What more could you ask for! The day went off as planned with no slip-ups.


We enjoyed entrée and main course and then drew the raffle. Elaine Booker was the lucky winner and went home with the hamper. Actually, I was hoping to take it home with me as it was full of delicious goodies!


Then we drew the two lucky door prizes, which were won by Joanne Davis and Karin Moore. Hopefully Santa was able to share the prize! (Thanks Brian for donning the big red suit again!) And I suspect Stephen was reliving some happy childhood memories with Santa… how’s your knee Brian?





We were fortunate that Margaret Read donated a handmade patchwork knee rug, with Morris emblems, for a silent auction. Velma Webb was the successful bidder; congratulations Valma, that will look great in the MG GT!

And as for me, your very humble club captain, I received the honour of being awarded the Molina Family Award for Best-Serving Club member. This was very unexpected. As witnessed, I could not get much out, just a bit choked up. I do get a lot of enjoyment being club captain, and finding new places to

go with friends for a fun day out. Thanks for a great year


Club Captain.