Once again, I would like to thank all who came on this outing and made it the great day that it was. The aircraft museum is a truly great place and the variety of vintage planes is amazing. If you read all the information in that museum you might need a two day visit! Out on the runway there was an old training plane which is now privately owned, and after a very informative talk by the pilot it took to the air and did some acrobatics and low, fast, fly byes. Unfortunately he did not ask for a volunteer to keep him company; I would have been in the aircraft in a flash! I love all things mechanical, and preferably old, so this place ticked all the boxes for me.

Unfortunately, the day presented a hard luck story for Brian Moore’s yellow Morris Minor ute. On the way to Point Cook the rear oil seal failed, and a vibration was noted coming through the steering wheel which meant a trip home on the back of an RACV truck. We also had a couple of security issues getting into the air base as you need to present your driver’s licence if you wish to get past the gate. As the saying goes, don’t leave home without it!  

The weather was a bit cold in the wind, but out of the wind and in the sun it was not too bad. And fortunately, the rain held off. I would like to thank Stephen for bringing the coffee, tea, biscuits, and lamingtons.

Club members who attended the Point Cook RAAF Museum run are:

Shane Martin (Morris Marshall), Paulette Martin, Kathleen, and Oliver                                                                 

Brian Moore (Morris Minor ute)

Tony Bullen (Morris Oxford MO), Alain Ribas

Stephen Wasteney (Morris Marina), Thomas Wasteney, Mary Wasteney

Gavin Wasteney (Jaguar) Peter Wasteney

Rob Quinn (Morris Minor ute), Ann Quinn

Rod Bowers (MG Midget), Trish Bowers

Graeme Webb and Velda Webb (modern)

Rob Carter (modern)

Chris Wialletton (modern)

Tim Christie (modern)

Stephen Whitworth (modern)