Again we had great weather to get our classics out and on this trip. There were no breakdowns or lost travelers – we all left together and arrived together – something to be said for that idea

We passed through Leonards Hill and Sailors Falls on the way to Hepburn Springs. Due to the past dry seasons, no water was going over the falls but still a very pretty spot to stop.  

My family come from the area so I knew a fair amount of the local history; I used to collect the eggs for my great Grandmother out of her hen house just up the road about a kilometre! I would travel there with my grandparents in Bessie, so for Bessie and I it was a trip down memory lane.

Once at Hepburn Springs we went for a walk and tasted the water from many different pumps – some pumps were better than others. We had a picnic lunch in a great shelter with tables and BBQ which we had all to ourselves.

After lunch we went into Daylesford to look around the antique shops. As you can see in the photo, Stephen found a hat which brought Professor Moriarty out in him. Sherlock Holmes would have been most impressed! Later we found a coffee shop for scones and coffee before we headed home. Thanks to all who attended, you made it a very enjoyable day.

In Attendance were: Bill Flaherty (Morris Minor); Tony and Marilyn Bullen (Morris Oxford); Joyce and Joe Farsaci, and Elaine Booker (modern); Stephen Whitworth (modern).