The morning was fine, weather forecast great, Bessie was eager to get out of the garage and onto the open road. I did not disappoint her; the drive over the Christmas Hills was glorious! We met up on the way with a number of classic cars; a Volvo p1800, a Rover, and several MGs of many different years, all going to the same place – Yarra Glen. Once there, the variety of classic cars was amazing! I did find my all-time favourite car there, a Cord, with a guaranteed top speed of 110 mph! Not bad for the 1930s; a visually stunning car, 2 door soft top.

The old Lucas man was there and he had a great variety of new ‘old’ stock, still in original boxes – even parts for MO Oxfords and older! I say ‘old Lucas man’ because he worked in the Lucas factory and can recite most part numbers without the parts book, but he does check the book before you buy the part. I watched him for a short time and he had ten out of ten correct!


Some clubs with a smaller membership than ours had 20 cars there, which makes me wonder why we could only manage three. Nevertheless, it was a great day and it was great to see the other two members there, Rob Quinn and Bill Flaherty.

In Attendance: Rob Quinn (Morris Minor ute), Bill Flaherty (Morris Minor sedan), and Tony Bullen (Morris Oxford MO).     

Tony Bullen
Club Captain