The run to Trentham via the Macedon Rangers and Trentham Falls went without a hitch. I didn’t manage to lose anyone, which is always good! Yes, the weather was cold and at times wet, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those who came on the run. Trentham Falls didn’t disappoint with plenty of water going over.  All the cars purred along nicely with no issues. It was great to see Elaine out in ‘Bob’ again, one of many trips I hope. We had a new junior recruit traveling along with Mum, Pop, and Grandma in the Marshall.


Because the weather was a bit damp, we decided to head indoors for lunch, however both pubs were booked out. Luckily we found a great little café with a private room out the back that we had all to ourselves, very nice. Much warmer in the café than outside!


In attendance were:

Elaine Booker (Morris Minor)

Marilyn and Tony Bullen (Morris Oxford MO)

Bill Flaherty (Morris Minor)

Shayne and Nanette Martin and family (Morris Marshall)

Anne and Rob Quinn (Morris Minor Ute)

Alain Ribas (hitched a ride with Elaine Booker)

Graeme and Valda Webb (MG GT)

Tim Christie and Deborah Gercovich (modern)

Joe and Joyce Farsaci (modern)

Stephen Whitworth (modern)


I would like to thank all those that attended for making the day so enjoyable. A very sincere thank you to all.