Another great day with good friends – and what a day it was


We started the day at Westgate Park with coffee, tea, sweet treats, and a good chat. The weather was fine and the temperature pleasant. Bob Beaumont and Laurie Page drove The Major down from Kilmore to join us on this outing; thanks Bob for coming, much appreciated. We hope to see Bob and the Major on many more outings. (While I’m on the subject of attendance, we had a number of members who put their names down for this outing but didn’t turn up on the day. Only one person had the courtesy to phone me, the rest could not even be bothered to return my phone call. Not good enough!)

      After we left Westgate Park we started the 40min drive to the Moorabbin Airport. I must say, what a challenge getting everyone there in convoy without losing people. I almost succeeded – I only lost two cars. Fortunately I anticipated that that might happen through busy Melbourne streets so I had a backup plan – I gave all drivers a map with turn by turn instructions. As it happens, the two misplaced cars beat the rest of us there so the backup plan worked!


The Museum would have to be the only aircraft museum I have ever been to where you could totally interact with the exhibits. We could climb into the cockpit of many different types of fighter plans and get the real feel of the planes, and let your imagination run wild. I suspect flight officer Biggles came out in more than one of us, great fun! After we finished playing with all the toys we headed over for lunch at the Flight Deck Bar and Grill and as the day was starting to get warm a nice cold drink was in order, along with some food of course! Thanks to all the members who made this day the great outing it was.

In attendance were:    Anne and Rob Quinn (Morris Minor Tourer); Tony Cronin (Morris Minor Traveller); Bob Beaumont and Laurie Page (Morris Major Elite); Tony and Marilyn Bullen (Morris Oxford MO); Joyce and Joe Farsaci and Elaine Booker (modern); Stephen Whitworth (modern); Alain Ribas (modern).