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Club members met at Officer BP at 9am on the morning of September 24 2022 for a trip to Yarragon.

Ten members attended.

We followed a circuitous route, through many small Gippsland towns that are interesting, but often unvisited as they are off the Princes Freeway. The journey took a little over an hour.

Arriving at Yarragon, everybody visited the Yarragon village market. There are many crafts and different food available.

Lunch was had at Yarragon pub. a filling meal that nobody complained about. During lunch, a ten question quiz was given, with prizes of local produce for all.

After lunch, we all ventured over the railway line and visited the Yarragon vintage market. This is a fascinating place, with a shed full of bric a brac, much of it historical. If you know your stuff, there are bargains to be had there.


This was an enjoyable day and I hope there will be further outings to the east in the future.